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Модельный Релиз

What is the model release and what is it for?

"Model Release» — is an agreement between the model and photographer on assignment of rights to use photos of models (including the placement of the image on the site or the photographer in his portfolio). The sense of release that the model does not object to the publication of photographs depicting.

When shooting a young model the release must be signed by parent or legal guardian. The following are examples of texts model releases signed by the photographer and the model after the photo shoot (and — for an adult model, used for an underage-models (18).

Download English versions: Property Release Form (pdf), Adult Model Release Form (pdf), Child Model Release Form (pdf).


English Version – Model Release Forms

One of the biggest mistake photographers make when they take pictures, is to believe that they can use their images wherever and however they wish.

Quite simply, it's not that simple!

Whether you are photographing people who know they are being photographed, buildings you have been allowed to photograph or shooting 'on the fly'. If you want to place those images with a stock agency, sell them, syndicate them or publish them you are going to have to make sure that you have a signed model/building release form.

Rules on when you need this vary greatly from country to country and you can never expect a signed release form to be a fail-safe security blanket.

However, it's a vital first step into protecting yourself from expensive litigation.

We have made three forms available here to cover the three basic requirements, a model release for adults, one for minors and one for buildings.

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